Summer Project 2012

Construct2Each year, my son, Lewis and I undertake a project of some sort during the summer holidays.

Last year, we did some decorating, the year before that we did some gardening. This year, however, he has specifically requested that we work together to build a computer game.

This stems from the testing I had him do around Christmas last year on the simple games built for Tesco Bank Football Challenge — for extra pocket-money, of course!

Since then, he’s been asking whether I’ve got any more projects involving games, and due to a lack of “fun stuff” being built, we’ve agreed to do our own.

For this project, we’ll be making use of Construct2 as the HTML5 game engine, I’ve had a play with it over the weekend, and I’m confident I can build a simple game with Lewis using it.

The big question now is what kind of game does he want to build? Hopefully not a first-person shooter, but something a bit easier to begin with, like a platformer!

I’ll keep you posted with updates on how we’re getting on, during the build.

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