Game Development Complete!

Construct2On our last day of game development, we worked on rudimentary touch-screen controls and added a super-jump feature (you need to press the down arrow before you jump to charge Lewis up) — which we haven’t put live in the touch-screen version as yet!

We also set the game to scale to the device screen size, so as to maximise the size of the on-screen touch controls.

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Game Development — Day 5

Construct2Well we achieved a lot on our penultimate day of game development: improved player animations; increased level difficulty; new coins each with different values, now showing in a scoreboard; fixed number of lives which reduce as you meet your end in a variety of ways; and even a bad guy to navigate past!

Lewis had great fun setting up the polygons around his character to make his sprites more accurately shaped for collision detection — the default was a rectangle about 5mm beyond the limits of his graphic which meant coins etc, were collided with before he’d actually reached them.

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Game Development — Day 3

Construct2We finally got the video we shot on to the computer ready for editing!

It wasn’t straightforward though. A combination of old Macs, old video camera etc, caused no end of problems. Even with Merchant Soul’s help, we couldn’t get the video on to the computer. But a trip to the Apple Store in Glasgow resulted in a new cable which did the trick!

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