Game Development Complete!

Construct2On our last day of game development, we worked on rudimentary touch-screen controls and added a super-jump feature (you need to press the down arrow before you jump to charge Lewis up) — which we haven’t put live in the touch-screen version as yet!

We also set the game to scale to the device screen size, so as to maximise the size of the on-screen touch controls.

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Game Development — Day 5

Construct2Well we achieved a lot on our penultimate day of game development: improved player animations; increased level difficulty; new coins each with different values, now showing in a scoreboard; fixed number of lives which reduce as you meet your end in a variety of ways; and even a bad guy to navigate past!

Lewis had great fun setting up the polygons around his character to make his sprites more accurately shaped for collision detection — the default was a rectangle about 5mm beyond the limits of his graphic which meant coins etc, were collided with before he’d actually reached them.

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Game Development — Day 4

Construct2We made some real progress with our game yesterday!

We’ve added layers to our environment to build a parallax style background where the sky and trees move at slightly different speeds from the platforms and player. We also developed our 16px by 16px blocks to use as the ground, platforms etc, and as these are re-usable, we’ve found it very quick to build a layout for the player to navigate around.

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Game Development — Day 3

Construct2We finally got the video we shot on to the computer ready for editing!

It wasn’t straightforward though. A combination of old Macs, old video camera etc, caused no end of problems. Even with Merchant Soul’s help, we couldn’t get the video on to the computer. But a trip to the Apple Store in Glasgow resulted in a new cable which did the trick!

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