Web Design Accessibility — Dyslexia

AccessibilityWe are starting a series of posts looking at the different needs of visitors to your website. This first post looks at visitors who suffer from dyslexia.

Did you know that your choice of typeface can make all the difference to those who suffer from dyslexia?

A recent study by Dyslexic.com found that certain fonts were easier to read than others. To summarise, the good web-based fonts were listed as:

  • Trebuchet MS
  • Arial
  • Geneva
  • Comic Sans

These fonts should be printed at a minimum size of 12px in order to ensure legibility.

Now, we realise the web would be a very boring place if every website used the same standard typefaces, but while we’re not advocating a throttling of all creativity, it’s worth bearing in mind that it might help your visitors to provide them with a more accessible version of the site that meets their requirements.

Now that many sites are displaying a cookie policy as soon as you arrive on any page, perhaps this is an opportunity to also allow users to personalise their accessibility settings?

A simple script to switch the stylesheet could help you get more business from visitors who appreciate the lengths you’ve gone to to help them access the information they need about your business.

We’ll add a style-switcher script tutorial at a later date, and this will also incorporate other changes that can help your visitors get the most from the site, including changes to colour, font-sizes etc.

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