Accessible Website Design

It's a term that you've probably heard in context of website design, but it's often misunderstood — just what is accessibility?

In a nutshell, the term 'accessible website' means any website that can be accessed/used by any visitor no matter what special needs they may have.

Users with special needs often have special tools to allow them to interact with websites. For example, a blind user will probably take advantage of screen-reading software, but this only works for them if your website has been set-up using standardised code that the software understands.

However, that's only one particular type of special need.

A visitor suffering from glaucoma or colour-blindness, for example, will be faced with completely different challenges when visiting your website.

At Frecosse Website Design, we pride ourselves in our comprehensive knowledge of W3C standards, best practice design and current legislation. We can help ensure that your online requirements don't fall foul of the law, but still achieve your required end results.

To bring you up-to-speed, we have a whole section of our blog dedicated to accessibility, and we have listed the latest entries below.

If you are interested in working with Frecosse Website Design for your organisation's accessibility needs, please get in touch for a no-obligation chat about your requirements.

Accessibility in Practice

While we strive to ensure that every client site is fully accessible, when we hand over the site having provided tools that allow our clients to update their own web content, we cannot guarantee that this user-entered content will continue to meet all the rules.

However, we'll happily provide accessibility training for those interested.

The Gold Standard

We have previously delivered fully accessible systems to Tesco Bank and Tesco Compare, Kwik Fit Insurance, The Green Insurance Company and Stirling University. For the Student Loans Company, we produced fully accessible PDF versions of their forms, in both English and Welsh, for download from their website.

Latest Accessibility Blog Posts